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Zero accidents

Esqueiro, S.L. main objective is the safety and health is paramount in the daily activity of our company. Providing a safe and healthy workplace by ensuring safety measures to minimize the inherent risks of the job, having a Health and Safety Plan in each of our workplaces. Below we highlight the most important points for these objectives are met:

- RSE Plan - We believe that PRL is a priority in the operation of an entity. Therefore this point will have covered through an external manager which is responsible for conducting inspections and studies on safety and health in our company.

- PRL - The Occupational Risk Prevention is a priority. Our code of conduct provides for the prohibition of forced labor and working hours to beat established by agreement, determining factors in PRL. Also it includes a special section for Health and Safety at Work

- Quality Policy, Environment and Security - We are certified in ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 and have an External Prevention Service for Occupational Health and Safety We implement these policies through our ISOS certifications and using a security policy developed our SPA and our CSR ISOS Conservation and improvement of our SPA

- Internal Management Policies - formalized in our Code of Conduct

- Communication Channels - We facilitated various media through our organizational pyramid structure, in which each employee depends on a department, or else directly to our CSR committee by mail.

- Training - All employees of our company receive training in PRL. 100% of staff receive training in PRL enforceable agreement.

- Percentage of total employees who have been trained - 100% of the staff in our company receives training in PRL.

- Suggestions - have several roads. We have available a suggestion box where employees can leave us recommendations for greater security of our business through our website or directly through your direct manager.