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ESQUEIRO, L.S. was created in 1997 with some basic objectives: carry out industrial projects and development, construction´s execution and its setting up.

We are an innovative, modern and dynamic company built in the engneering and installation sector. The profesionalism of our team is supported by years of experience in this sector, acquired and reflected in the numerous number of constructions and its quality.

esqueiro en 1997 esqueiro en la actualidad


We are already here
We go to Corte Inglés from Lisbon and also 1 million €
Now, we´re a big family, we moved of house
We have touched the sky, we´re doing the 4 Towers Business of Madrid
We are great company. We surpassed the 6 million €. Now for the Ibex
A Coruña and we are happy. We are working in Marineda City
Vigo will have new hospital and we will make part of its installation
We go to the diamond mine Catoca in Angola
We get older and decided to change image