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Social Responsability Corporative

Since its birth in 90´s , Esqueiro,L.S. holds extensive experience in the development, execution and maintenance service of electrical, oil, plumbing and heating installations, supported by the related certificates which give credit to its great profesionism and the satisfaction express by the numerous customers for those who have developed important works at national and international level.

These achievmentes have been possible thanks to its solid agreement with society, above all in environmental, social and economic activities. Trying to minimise negative impacts about these areas through an effective sustainability strategy established on strong ethical principles and a transparency policy used in every internal and external factors that take part in the productive process. In order to strengthen this agreement and the compliance of these principles, it has developed a model of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) establishing an internal Code of Conduct, a Code of Concuct for Subcontractors and Suppliers and Implementation Guideline whose control will be responsable for a CSR committe who send out a report about our achievements. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Esqueiro,L.S. is articulated by this principles:

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

- Conventions and Recommendations of the International Labor Organization.

- Principles of Global Compact of United Nations which is attached since 29/12/10.

- Principles of Base Code of Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

- National and International environmental legislation.

These principles constitute the mínimum challenge of social agreement that Esqueiro,L.S aspire to. they have introduced an Integrated Management System (IMS) of quality and environmental and of obtaining certificates of Bureau Veritas ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.